It is a relatively common disease of the foot, which is manifested by pain in the medial area of ​​the longitudinal plantar arch that can radiate to the heel.
The condition generally occurs in people between 30 and 60 years of age with jobs that involve a lot of time spent standing.
The pain appears suddenly and worsens progressively, reaching severe pain in a few months.
The pain is intense in the morning at the first steps, later the pain can disappear and reappear and can take severe forms in the second part of the day, especially in people who stand for a long time.

UNTREATED this chronic condition leads to the appearance of calcaneus spurs.
Patients become very irritated by this condition, even to forms of depression.
The diagnosis is based on the anamnesis and the clinical examination of the foot by the specialist doctor.
Shockwave THERAPY has proven to be a complementary method of effective treatment.
Obesity is essential for weight loss.

TREATMENT must be individualized for each patient.
The treatment regimen should include several complementary therapies.
Given that we are dealing with chronic inflammation, a rapid recovery cannot be achieved, and the patient must understand this from the beginning.
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