About Physio Raluca

We started in year 2010, and are known for providing the quality care that you can trust in the fields of Physiotherapy, Health and Medical Centre, All of the physio specialists in our clinic are chartered and registered with the HCPC.

As per our tagline Get Up! Get Here! Get Better, We make sure our patients are comfortable and well informed while undergoing treatment.

You can refer yourself I.e. you do not need a doctor to refer you to us.

We accept referrals from Employers, Solicitors, Health Insurance companies, Occupational Health, Medical Reporting organisations, Intermediary


Sports Injuries, Sprains and Strains back pain, Neck pain, Whiplash and associated problems, Sciatica and disc disorders, Tennis elbow Cartilage injuries, Cervicogenic vertigo and dizziness Knee pain, Ankle Sprains and foot problems, Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury (RSI), Calf Tears, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches Tempotron and fibular joint disorders (TMJ), Pelvis and Groin pain Problems in pregnancy.